Rich Beyond Measure

Ever since stumbling upon the podcast1 Enough, I have spent a lot of time thinking about simplicity and the idea of enough.

I love efficiency. In my business I always looking for ways to get more done in less time without a loss of quality. Over the past year I have started to implrement more efficiencies in my personal life. It is one of the reasons I love CrossFit. I feel like it gives me the most efficient workout possible. I spend zero time planning workouts. I show up, get my ass kicked and get stronger and leaner. 

Another reason I have spent time thinking about enough is Baby B will be here soon2 and I know I will want to spend even more time at home. Looking into the future a bit I also know there will be tons of other things I will want to attend and be a part of for Baby B. This means I need to start thinking about making even more things simpler. With simplicity comes the idea of knowing what is enough in various aspects of my life.

Determining the meaning of enough is different for everyone. As a society we are often pushed to do more and be better. We want more money, more fame and more stuff to surround ourselves with. I definitely fall into this category from time to time. I am trying to change, though.

“To know when you have enough is to be rich beyond measure.” Lao Tzu

This has become one of my favorite quotes and personal mantras. For most of this year I have taken the quote to heart and tried to implement it as much as possible. It has truly helped me with feeling more balanced with work and life. I put less pressure on myself to try and get everything done. Instead, I am learning when I have done enough.

What was important for me to understand is doing enough does not mean giving less than 110%. Instead, it means getting more out of your 110%. I have noticed by putting less pressure on myself I actually think more clearly and more creatively. The creative thinking helps me solve problems better. Often the result is figuring out more efficient and easier way to get work and personal things done. It has enabled me to enjoy even more of my work than before.

This is an ongoing process. I still struggle with a lot of things but I now enjoy the struggle and the process.

If you have never listened to the Enough podcast be sure to check it out along with Patrick Rhone’s book and Minimal Mac blog.

  1. Over the past year I have really started consuming a lot of podcasts. There is an unbelievable amount of free, thoughtful and amazing content out there.  ↩

  2. September 20 is due date but I am betting on the 18  ↩